Thurloe Street Pilates

Pilates classes in South Kensington, West London

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Thurloe Street Pilates.

Our studio is a light, bright space located in the heart of the South Kensington neighbourhood.

The staff are highly qualified and come from a wide range of training backgrounds and experience.

We offer small group or Private sessions which we tailor to the clients specific needs. Whether you are in your teens or 90's, we will create a customi
... sed programme to help you deal with any problems or goals you might present .

We offer a wide range of classes including, Matwork, Pilates for Beginners, Prenatal Pilates, Antenatal Pilates, Over 60's Pilates, Over 80's Pilates, Back Pain Pilates, One-to One Pilates, Men Only Pilates, Mixed Ability Pilates and more.

Please call us for help and advice as to which Pilates class might be the most suitable for your needs.

We also offer Yamuna Body Rolling classes. If you are not familiar with this profound and powerful work, please Google it, have a read and call us to make an appointment for a Yamuna Body Rolling session. You won't regret it!

Kelly Lynne Goulon
Studio Owner
Insured By: Balens

Insured By: Balens
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